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How to Create a Home Gym

March 19, 2019


If you know me, you know I’m not a gym girl. I much prefer boutique classes as I find individual attention super helpful and group sessions to be motivating. Also, gym memberships are crazy expensive, always crowded, and can be intimidating! One of my best kept secrets is having a few “gym” essentials in my apartment so that I can squeeze in a workout whenever I want. This is great for when fitness classes are booked, the ties to match up to my schedule or rainy/ cold days when I just don't want to leave my apartment! Here’s what I keep in my "home gym", aka my coat closet: 



A quality speaker helps set the mood for your workout. Turn on your favorite music, podcast, or whatever motivates you to get your body moving! Music always gets me in the zone and out of my head. Here is a great portable and affordable option, and here is a higher quality one!


Ankle Weights

After I transitioned from high intensity workouts to lower ones, I realized that so many classes use ankle weights. They’re the key to toned lean legs and a perky butt! The extra weight really activates your muscles so you’ll be sure to feel the burn. I generally use 2 pounds on each leg. 

Bala Bangles (1 lb each, pricey but cute), Gaiam (1.5 lbs each & affordable)


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are another staple in low intensity workouts as they help sculpt and lengthen the muscles. I find them most helpful in targeting my butt, hips, and thighs, but you can also use them with your arms. Bands are also extremely easy to travel with, so I always throw one in my suitcase. Rubber option, Fabric option (heavier), with ankle cuff



I like to keep dumbbells around as they’re super versatile and great for full body workouts. They also take up relatively little space- which is perfect for small apartments! I have a heavy set and a light one so that I can constantly switch it up and keep my muscles guessing. Here is a great and affordable set, but I mostly use a pair of 3 lbs.


Sliders (Or A Towel!) 

Sliders are so underrated. They take any bodyweight move to the next level and really challenge your balance and stability. If you don’t want to invest in a pair of sliders, a small towel is another great option! 


Yoga Mat

A mat isn’t totally necessary, especially if you have carpeting, but I love it for at-home yoga, an abs routine or stretching. Yoga Mats range in price, so find what fits into your budget and needs! Here, here & here are cute ones! Also, here is a more affordable option!


Foam Roller

A foam roller isn't a necessity, but I love rolling out my sore muscles after a hard workout. It’s great to loosen up your body especially on rest days and helps to prevent any injuries. You can also use a tennis ball to get a similar effect. Here is a good option! 


Pilates Ball

Here is a cute one!A small and super light addition to your abs routine or can be used to create additional balance and stability to other pilates-like moves! If you experience any back problems, this is a great addition! 


An at-home gym doesn’t have to be expensive. Find what type of workouts your body craves and tailor your gym to that! You can also start out small and build your way up to a more equipment. I’ve found that training at home is simpler, more cost efficient and gives me more time in the day. You can also follow my home workouts and see which moves you prefer to use equipment with!





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