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The supplement brand you should be familiar with

September 21, 2018



Have you guys heard of Swisse? If not, then keep reading!


Swisse is an Australian wellness brand that offers an array of CLEAN supplements. From multivitamins, to dietary supplements, to sports nutrition, skincare and functional foods- they literally have it all.


I know there are TONS of supplement brands out there, but how many are considered pharmaceutical grade? Unfortunately for us, the FDA isn’t required to review or approve any supplement brands in the USA, so how do we really know what we’re taking? The answer is- we don’t. There are only a handful of brands that I personally trust, and Swisse is one of them. So, obviously I had to share with you guys!



I had a chance to spend the day with the brand at Wanderlust in Brooklyn at #DestinationHappiness and learned about my specific health needs and which vitamin boosts are best for my body.


While there wasn’t a shortage of activities at the event- running, yoga, meditation- I found the perfect spot to re-center myself- the Dream Dome (pictured above) -wish I could have meditated under that canopy all day! It was so peaceful and only a few minutes really helped clear my head and destress.


A few of my favorite Swisse products and why

  • Sleep is SO important for every function of wellness - from daily energy, to long term memory, and even skin radiance. Swisse’s Sleep supplement is a melatonin-free formula with natural herbs and vitamins that work together to lower cortisol levels. This means it helps you fall asleep, stay asleep without grogginess in the AM! 

  • Hair, skin and nail health is something we’re all chasing, especially when we’re committed to busy schedules and lots of travel. Swisse has both a liquid and tablet form of their special formula (made with Blood Orange extract from Sicily), either of which can easily be incorporated in your daily routine.

  • There is such a focus on gut health these days - and let’s not forget about the liver. The liver eliminates all kinds of toxins from our bodies (not just alcohol) whether that’s from our diet, pollution or even stress. At #DestinationHappiness, I had the chance to learn about Swisse’s Liver Detox, which contains turmeric, milk thistle and a concentration of Globe artichoke extract - which are all natural ingredients used for centuries to aid this organ in all of its important functions.



Why this supplement brand stands out to me

There’s a reason why Australian’s look the way they do- Hello, Elle Macpherson, Nicole Kidman, Hemsworth brothers, Naomi Watts, etc. They are extremely careful about what they put into their bodies and take their wellness very seriously.


Swisse is no exception. They care about what goes into their products and the people that take them. They partner with top medical and research institutions in Australia to test their products before selling them to the public. A few partners include:


  • CSIRO: Australia’s national science agency with the core objective of making a positive impact on people’s lives through science and research.

  • SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY: With over 30 researchers, the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology is the largest group in the world researching the cognitive and mood effects of natural products, nutritional supplements and other nutritional interventions.

  • La Trobe University: Ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide and brings a substantive nutrition and research capability in their Faculty of Health Sciences.

  • The National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM): Dedicated to providing evidence-based conventional and complementary approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease.


Do your research before purchasing your next supplement. I know I did before committing to Swisse!




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